Myles Gaffney

Myles Gaffney has established himself as one of the leading lights in the Irish Folk Music scene. A professional Songwriter from Cork , Myles’ music is rooted in his Irish working class background.

Myles burst onto the scene with not one , but two Grammy Nominations for his songs “Come Hold My Hand Son” and “Song for Fallen Mothers”. His early writing was recognised as the new voice of Irish Folk music and was awarded the prestigious Irish Folk Album of the Year in 2017.A third Grammy Nomination came in 2023 for his song "Breathe Easy".

Myles’ music feeds on his experiences as Irish working class which is imbued with his studies of Political and Social History. Never shirking from a strong message , his songs are full of vivid descriptions of Struggle , Justice , Social Events , Heroes and issues facing everyone.

Described in the Press as “The Last of a dying breed…” Myles is one of the few songwriters to continue the Irish Folklore tradition of writing the songs and stories of Ireland and it’s people.

Myles has written songs for a diverse section of the Irish community , including broadcaster Joe Duffy , sporting legend Roy Keane , Paddy Hill ( Birmingham 6) , Joe Joyce and Joan McDermott (Survivor of Mother and Baby Home) and has always made sure to engage with his subjects to ensure an authentic voice.His work develops the themes of personal experience with a social context and real-world view of the topics he produces.

The Irish Music community has taken Myles to it’s heart and has been acclaimed by luminaries such as Christy Moore , Damien Dempsey , John Spillane and Declan O’Rourke to name but a few.Myles’ live performances are renowned for their  energy and audience singing along qualities. Touring regularly , Myles’ shows are always popular and a great way to engage with the artist at his height.

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